Why isn't Everybody doing Lean Six Sigma - It's a No Brainer, after all!

By Paul Swift

This is the question many of my clients have asked me once they’ve seen the benefits of LSS and forget how difficult it was to simply get started.

Getting on board with #lean Six Sigma is no easy task, but the initiative will soon deliver rewards to your business. Fostering its growth and filtering through all levels of the organization will definitely pay off in the long run.

Many of our organizations are so busy getting ‘work’ done, dealing with problems, fires and urgencies, meeting goals and objectives, and initiating business strategies, that they do not take or have the time to even consider ‘looking’ for waste.

WE all should pause and take a minute to consider how LSS principles, rules, tools and thinking can help us eliminating waste and variation. Getting to root-causes make problem-solving easier and more permanent! This process is on-going and will reveal things about your business you did not even know at all! You might be surprised by what you find, unearth and reveal when using LSS thinking and tools.

Looking at processes to see how to BEST eliminate the different forms of MUDA or waste, requires new, counter-intuitive thinking at times, a true non-traditionalist point of view.

HERE IS AN AMAZING TRUTH (and in our opinion another key to really understanding the power and potential of LSS) for business, regardless of their size, industry, challenges and the like:

  • The ability to recognise and understand the systems that create results is not a natural ability.

We DO NOT HAVE THAT PROCESS-FOCUS AUTOMATICALLY. WE have to discover, hone, harness, develop and refine it as we go along!

See value through the eyes and requirements of your customers and take a real, long hard look at what and how you are doing things to get them what they need and want. Look for opportunities to improve it and cut down on cost, waste and expenses. and remember – keep it simple:

  • Everything that does not add value = waste

We wish you all the best on your LSS journey. If you like to learn more see additional sources provided here.

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