Emerging Trends & Maturing Methodologies at the BPE Conference, San Francisco

The Business Performance Excellence Summit 2016, hosted by the PEX Network and sponsored by Pacific, took place in San Francisco at the end of September 2016. Focused on building comprehensive, sustainable performance excellence programmes, with insight offered by senior professionals working in industries including Healthcare, Energy, Financial Services and Manufacturing, the summit offered attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest methodologies and tools for achieving optimal business change and transformation.

Attended by representatives from Fortune 500 companies and some of the latest start-ups, scalability proved to be a key topic. As established institutions seek to become more agile and responsive to their customers’ demands, building the internal capabilities needed to adapt to changes in the wider marketplace across multiple business areas has proven challenging. In response, speakers elaborated on their experiences building small innovation hubs, limited projects confined to a single business area or site. Pioneering creative solutions to the problems facing their organisation on a small scale, successful projects could then be integrated or replicated on a larger scale across the rest of the business.

With business change and transformation programs having been adopted by many organisations in the past 15 years, increasing visibility around Operational Excellence teams and projects is increasingly important to ensuring buy-in and embed a culture of continuous improvement and excellence within the business. Among the solutions offered was gamifying projects to raise engagement, and building positive brand identities around OpEx teams.

Customer experience, especially in an age of on-demand services, continuous feedback and increased competitiveness from peers and smaller agile start-ups, was another ongoing theme. The commercialisation of data for lead-generation, the transformation of customer expectations and experience within Financial Services and logical process mapping for diverse customer types were among the avenues explored by speakers with experience re-orienting both traditional and more recent business models.

Finding and mobilizing Change and Transformation talent to drive business growth, excellence and pioneer new methods of working has always been essential to businesses looking to innovate and improve. In competitive locations such as San Francisco, the ability to entice highly-skilled leadership, from strategically-minded executives to practitioner level professionals is key to creating lasting and effective Change and Transformation programs – as Pacific continues to enhance its profile on the West Coast, our understanding of the latest business innovations and how they can drive growth, coupled with our network of skilled professionals, gives us the ability to provide the right talent, to the right place, at the right time.  


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