Pacific International Recruitment News - David Howells returns to the UK and Adam Nuzie to lead Pacific International Recruitment Inc.

London and New York 

David Howells, Group Managing Director, has relocated back to the UK in April 2017, and is now based in Pacific International Recruitment’s London office following six enjoyable and enlightening years in the USA, where David successfully spearheaded Pacific’s operations setting up offices on both the East and West Coasts in New York and San Francisco. He built and led a successful team of Executive Search Consultants operating in all of Pacific’s major verticals as well as a dedicated Account Management and Research function supporting our extensive Americas client-base.

David is transferring back to London where he will continue to guide Pacific’s strategic vision and operations worldwide calling on his 16 years’ experience and global insights.

In speaking about his time in the US, David said “it’s been a fantastic period of my career and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the 6 years both professionally and personally. We’ve had great success in bringing in top talent into the firm to support and build our client-base in the region and I’m sure many more great successes are to come under the new leadership team. My wife and I also have two New Yorkers to keep us busy at home too (David’s two daughters born in 2014 and 2016)“

In line with a vision that sees Pacific continuing its growth trajectory, David oversaw the opening of our second Americas office in San Francisco, bringing us closer to our client base on the Pacific coast. Bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience back to the UK, he will continue to provide the strategic vision to oversee the continuing global success of our business worldwide, expanding our teams, our geographical reach and customer-base while continuing to provide our customers with the transformative human capital they need to realise their goals.

David spoke of this, saying “it’s an important time for the global economy with lots of instability and change for corporations. We need to operate with agility and precision to support the needs of our clients in the sectors and markets we support. I believe our consultative approach to executive search and recruitment in general will allow us to enhance the confidence and foresight of our clients as they make key business decision on large-scale change and transformation activities”

In the move that sees David move back to the UK, Adam Nuzie has been promoted to lead Pacific’s Americas business from New York, supported by Sofia Benmouffok who has led the San Francisco office from its opening in mid-2016. “Adam joined Pacific in 2011 and has been a high performer in all of the positions he’s held in the organization. He’s demonstrated the right values and leadership to take our US business to the next level. With individuals like Adam, Sofia and our team of Pacificans in the Americas region, we see continued growth and development” David said.

As well as leading Pacific’s business globally, David will continue his client relationships in the Americas and re-establishing his EMEA client-base in the Financial Services Industry. 


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