Pacific International Recruitment News - Adam Nuzie promoted to Regional Director - Americas

Adam Nuzie has been promoted to Regional Business Unit Director of the Americas for Pacific International to lead company operations, covering our New York and San Francisco offices. In this capacity, he will work closely with Pacific’s global leadership team to continue driving success for our clients. Adam will also maintain his current industry alignment as Head of Manufacturing, Engineering, and Production in the Americas. 

Adam’s career at Pacific began in 2011 as the first U.S. hire made under Group Managing Director, David Howells. In the six years that followed, Adam has been instrumental in building a dynamic, high-performing team in the Americas, which most recently included expansion to the West Coast. Regarding his achievements at Pacific, Adam said: “I am proud to take on this leadership role during an exciting time for our organization and the broader industry. I am fortunate to have the support of a strong team whose contributions have led us to where we are today, and I look forward to further developing our high-caliber staff on the East and West Coasts. Collectively, we are poised to deliver Change and Transformation human capital to more clients than ever before, as we continue to expand our global network”. 

“Since my first few months working alongside David Howells, I have utilized a hands-on, lead-from-the-front approach, and I believe it to be a key ingredient in our organization’s success. ” 

With our Group Managing Director, David Howells, returning to the UK to oversee our global operations and continue to guide our strategic vision and growth, Adam’s new role will see him expanding our team and presence throughout the Americas. 

Speaking about Pacific’s continuing work to deliver the highest quality human capital and talent acquisition to our clients in the Americas, Adam explained: “Given the changes happening in the US market, Pacific’s agility and capacity to embrace transformation enables us to continually adapt to our client’s needs. Our team applies a consultative approach and industry knowledge. Lastly, our ever-expanding network of business professionals give us a window into the future."  

Discussing Adam’s promotion, David Howells said: “Adam has been a high performer in every role he’s held within the organization. He demonstrates the right values and leadership to help take our business to the next level. With individuals like Adam, Sofia Benmouffok (Head of San Francisco office) and our team of Pacificans in the Americas, we are driving towards continued growth and development.” 


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