Pacific International Recruitment News – Pacific Delivers Key Business Transformation Talent to a Specialty Assurance Provider

Pacific International has completed delivery of a Director of Business Excellence and a Senior Program Manager for a leading assurance and assistance specialty insurer.

The client, part of a multinational organization serving 300 million customers and a long history of brand equity, retained Pacific to bring in expertise that will enhance the client’s Performance Excellence and digital capabilities.

Pacific’s Financial Services team in the Americas, consisting of David Howells, Amanda Carlin and Sheila Walsh, liaised with C-suite executives on both East and West Coasts to understand the aims of the digital transformation underway at the client organization.

Pacific’s position as a leading provider of Change and Transformation professionals over two decades gave us the network and market knowledge to ensure that we fulfilled the client’s needs in a timely, efficient manner.

With the client is already embarking on a major internal transformation and embracing new practices and technology, rapid placement was essential. Securing candidates with the perfect mix of technical understanding and practical experience in Continuous Improvement and digital transformation of B2C and B2B insurance channels, and utilizing our video interview offering, each role was filled within 12 weeks end-to-end.

Two highly capable individuals have been placed with the vision and skills to deploy successful solutions that take advantage of the growth of the online travel market to enhance Customer Experience and their Business to Business channels as the client organization continues to reorient itself in this dynamic marketplace.  


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