Pacific International News – Pacific Places Chief Procurement Officer at FMCG Organisation

Pacific’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Production team, led by Umair Safdar, have placed a Chief Procurement Officer at an internationally renowned FMCG Company based in Europe. The position would see the successful candidate manage an international team of 70 people and a €2 billion P&L budget.

The role required the successful candidate to manage the company’s global value chain and ensure all parties adhered to local and international laws, as well as requiring a proactive decision maker with a strategic outlook. The company was looking to expand through acquisition and the CPO would work with the CFO to explore opportunities for growth in global markets and manage risk. An essential part of the candidate profile given the global nature of the role was cultural awareness, specifically an individual who had been immersed in other countries managing and working with those of other backgrounds.

In addition, a major requirement from the client was that the successful candidate needed a background in trading and investment, able to explore and understand global markets, especially in Commodities. This was especially important given the nature of the client’s supply chain and volatility in global prices and supplies, so a long-term thinker with the ability to spot trends and take decisive action at the right time was essential.

Pacific’s search identified an individual able to command the complex set of requirements around the role and manage all the senior stakeholders. Pacific’s Regional Director – EMEA, Umair Safdar, spoke of how roles in the DACH region differed from others: ‘our client’s origins as a German Mittelstand business meant that the culture needed people who would be multi-taskers able to switch lanes. Rather than occupy one particular role, staff were expected to be able to work in a less structured way and respond to a range of demands.’ 

To learn more about Pacific's work in Manufacturing, Engineering and Production, contact Umair Safdar in EMEA or Adam Nuzie in the Americas.   


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