Pacific International News – Pacific Places Lean Experts at European Automotive Company

Pacific’s Automotive and Aerospace team has delivered Lean Consultants at a leading German automotive conglomerate. Seeking to build a Lean Practice that could drive efficiency and best practices across multiple business units, the client engaged Pacific to find individuals who would form the core of that Practice.

With a clear focus on creating a Lean Management System that would encompass all business units, the client wanted candidates who had significant experience in Lean methodologies and who knew how to execute and apply Lean practices in a variety of manufacturing and services environments. The ability to apply these practices in a hands-on manner was essential.

The client required two distinct roles, one consultant and one senior consultant, with experience in Lean consulting in related industries, and both profiles required individuals able to translate Lean Manufacturing principles to the service environment. They would be placed at Beacon Dealerships to lead sales excellence and introduce best-practice processes which would eventually become common throughout the business.

The location of the dealerships necessitated identifying people who understood the specific culture of that locality in order to succeed in achieving buy-in from all levels.

Through reaching out to Pacific’s existing network for referrals, our Automotive and Aerospace team, led by Manuel Preg, were able to identify professionals with strong local knowledge alongside excellent professional credentials that demonstrated their ability to form the core of the client’s new Lean Practice, and Pacific are continuing to provide Lean Consultants as their program expands. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Automotive and Aerospace capabilities, contact Manuel Preg in EMEA or Adam Nuzie in the Americas. 


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