Pacific International News – Pacific places Product Manager at Global Electrical Engineering Company

Pacific’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Production team led by Adam Nuzie, has delivered a Product Manager to a global electrical engineering company. The client required a Product Manager to oversee a niche product line and manage the product lifecycle, and came to Pacific following an initial search where the internal team had identified for an external provider. 

Referred through an internal source that had worked with Pacific several years before on challenging searches, the client engaged Pacific in the expectation that our team would be able to succeed.

The position required an individual able to plan the product lifecycle from research and development to release and aftersales support. The role required a high level of technical and market knowledge that would ensure a successful launch and support phase. In addition, training formed a key part of the role. Therefore, Pacific sought an individual with a wide range of capabilities and knowledge of the market niche.

Having mapped the market in US, Pacific identified a limited number of individuals whose credentials matched the client’s requirement, and presented the candidate who most closely matched the client’s need. While the candidate was found in a location that didn’t match the client’s initial vision, Pacific managed the offer process to ensure the successful placement of the candidate, who is now leading the development of an essential product line.

Speaking of the project, Pacific’s Adam Nuzie said: ‘one of the best things about this project was how we were engaged – an individual who had been a client five years ago, identified Pacific as the best vendor for filling this very specific role. That they knew upon moving to their new position that we were best-placed to help meant a lot to me as they were among the first clients I had when I joined Pacific.’


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