Pacific International News – Pacific providing Interim support to leading management consulting firm

Pacific International has completed the delivery of a Lean Transformation Leader at a Fortune 500 energy company, and a Procurement Consultant at a leading Logistics and Supply Chain organisation.  

Working with an intermediary that Pacific has partnered with many times over the last decade, the end client sought a hands-on Lean Transformation expert to lead a 1-year pilot project on their rigs to develop their Operational Excellence program.

Seeking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their operations, the client’s Head of Operational Excellence would oversee the consultant’s work on the pilot – the consultant would work alongside engineers and operators to guide safety, quality and provide training and development to staff.

Pacific had a long-standing relationship with a consultant whose experience spanned many manufacturing and engineering environments over the course of 25 years. Having placed the consultant previously, Pacific’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Production team knew that this was the ideal candidate for the project at hand, able to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels and rapidly identify areas for improvement and apply their expertise within the 12-month period of the project.

Alongside the Lean Transformation Leader, Pacific worked alongside the client to place a specialist that would undertake a Procurement Transformation project at a Logistics and Supply Chain firm. The end client’s role required an individual with a strong analytical mindset and the ability to map and design process and training, aiming to reduce cost and complexity between the end client and their suppliers.

Pacific identified an individual with over 25 years’ experience in Supply Chain and Procurement planning for major businesses. With strong credentials in mentoring and a 360 view on how to drive efficiency through decreasing labour costs, increasing pick ratios, reducing suppliers and increasing on time delivery, they were the ideal candidate for the role.

Able to build internal and external relationships quickly, alongside their analytical and project management capabilities, they exemplified an agile, charismatic leader who inspired confidence and would be able to manage stakeholder to drive value for the client. 

Speaking of the projects, Pacific’s Regional Director, Americas, said: ‘the expertise we provided is the reason consultants are growing in importance throughout our markets. Companies are always on the lookout for talent that can deliver quickly and effectively on business critical projects, and experienced consultants can provide that positive impact at a reduced overhead than an FTE and with a clear timeframe. More than that, the combination of wide-ranging experience and deep insight into specialist markets means that organisations can have confidence in their ability to communicate effectively and achieve their objectives swiftly.’

To learn more about how Pacific's network of consultants can help your business, or if you're a consultant and would like to register with Pacific, get in touch with Richard Yorke, Global Head of Interim Placements, or, in the Americas, with our Regional Director Adam Nuzie


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