What If All Your Staff Used Lean?

Imagine the productivity of work that could be achieved if everyone in your organisation at all levels had an awareness of Lean, what it means and how to implement it, from Managers to Assistants. I am the Global Marketing and Client Support Executive at Pacific and although my role is not directly linked to Lean,  after hearing the lingo of Lean around the office and learning more generally about the change and transformation market from our recruitment consultants, I was keen to gain a deeper understanding. I attended a one day course run by OEE Consulting on Lean Awareness, run by Alex Molotnikoff. The day was packed full of interactive and engaging activities, with not a PowerPoint slide in sight. Focussed around the mission of Lean to create value and eliminate waste, the course gave an insight into the history and applicability of Lean and touched on core principles. It is an ideal course for any employees who wish to gain an understanding of how to apply Lean to their internal and external processes, as well as their day to day work.

The course outlined various anagrams related to Lean such as SECAR, meaning Simplify, Eliminate, Combine, Automate and Relocate. It went into detail with regards to the meaning of these areas. For example, the SEC section of the anagram has to be completed before you can move onto Automate and Relocate. Once the first three areas have been analysed, it may not be necessary to take measures as drastic as relocating as this has a higher degree of risk involved. The reason for the use of SECAR is to eliminate waste by questioning every action of the process in order to test it thoroughly, which you can apply to any industry. It highlights that Lean is about working smarter, not harder. The course also made a point of discussing the benefits of a bottom up structure in the workplace regarding the success of Lean.

Throughout the day, there were many interactive lessons which taught attendees about how much waste there is when a process hasn’t been analysed. For example, we had to follow instructions to build a model out of Lego bricks. In the first round, there were 6 people involved in the process. In the second process, we had free reign to redesign it ourselves and so we halved the number of people involved. The change we saw was instant and this is symbolic of what it is like to apply Lean to a process in real life.

There were individuals from many different industries and companies. The high level overview meant that it wasn’t tailored to a particular industry, making Lean feel like an accessible concept to everyone. The benefits of your employees understanding and using Lean across the organisation would quickly become apparent as it is possible to analyse any process, in any role, and find ways to eliminate waste and add value.

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