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Since early April 2019, Pacific’s FMCG practice based in Philadelphia have been working closely with the CEO and HR leader of a recent Private Equity purchased food manufacturing business, providing prepared and ready to cook meals which are sold in retail grocery locations across America. After new management had been introduced, the client was keen to acquire new talent to run their transformation programme which is focused on continuous improvement and transforming the facility itself. To date, we have successfully introduced 6 operational and production managers.

During the project delivery phase, managed by Andrew O’Connor, it was highlighted from our intake meeting with the CEO and HR Leader that demonstrable experience was an important factor for the candidates to have, however finding the right cultural fit was even more vital for the company. The client required candidates with high energy and who would prefer to be on the floor rather than in the office, with a hands-on leadership style. This experience would also allow the CEO to ensure that there is involvement across all levels of staff when implementing new technologies and processes so that they can all build the company together.

In order for everyone to ‘buy into’ the changes that would be happening, it was key that the new leadership hires into firm were energetic and genuinely excited about implementing change in the organisation. This enthusiastic, growth-focused culture was already present in the organisation, with our consultant Andrew finding it a ‘brilliant experience to be able to work with a company who are looking to undergo a big transformation using ideas and methodologies that we are so familiar with, and being so excited to do so’.

The CEO and HR Leader engaged Pacific because of our network in this market and also our agile approach to the project which included committed daily calls with the hiring manager in order to ensure that everyone involved was up-to-date and the process was able to move along swiftly. This is reflected by the shortest process taking a week and a half from sourcing the individual to an offer being made.

Our team in the US are experts in the Food and Manufacturing industries with a wealth of knowledge and a large network. If you are interested in any of our roles, find them here or get in touch with Andrew here. To discuss how Pacific can support your business with similar search mandates, please contact Adam Nuzie, Regional Director, Americas.



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