The Seven Basic Tools of Quality

By Matt Moore Introduction In 1950, the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) invited legendary #quality guru W. Edwards Deming to go to Japan and train hundreds of Japanese engineers, managers and scholars in statistical #process control. Deming also delivered a series of lectures to...


Delivering Better Results by Breaking Out of Organisational Silos

By Richard Yorke Senior Change professionals discuss the obstacles to innovation caused by having entrenched organisational silos. They talk of the challenges, lessons learned and best practice in advance of the i&i Customer Networking Meeting on the subject which took in London on 9th June 2011.


Using Stories to Influence Change

By David Howells Inspiring people to #change isn’t easy. It is generally accepted by experienced change operators that resistance to change is a part of the human condition. Traditional senior management thinking can be risk averse and many executive decision makers can also be constrained by pas...


From Tiny Acorns... Socio-Technical Systems Grow

By David Bovis You get the best performance from people who are treated well... So, now all you have to do is work out what it is to treat someone 'well'. To understand what constitutes ‘Treating someone well’ in the workplace (so you facilitate their best performance; in-line with organisational...


Innovation - The Dux View

"#innovation!" Is yet another in a long line of buzzwords which go hand in hand with engagement, ownership, culture, change and other business critical capabilities which prove extremely hard to get right even though they fall on the soft skills side of the fence. Ireonic, huh? So what exactly is...


What are the Key Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

By Paul Swift This is the first question EVERY client asks before they get started on the LSS journey, or in other words, what’s in it for me? Why is #lean Six Sigma thinking so prevalent in the modern current economies? To remain competitive, agile and the lowest cost producers, providers and st...


The Human Cost of Control - Sustainable Change

By David Bovis As the speed of life and business has increased with advances in technology, organisations have increased in size, posing many challenges our industrial ancestors may not have faced. To accommodate larger numbers of people in organisations, increased production and service expectat...