The One Secret to Successful Lean Six Sigma

By Paul Swift Many of my clients and colleagues are forever asking the question “How do we assure sustainability for a #lean Six Sigma Project.” This is by far the most difficult part to achieve and it is all about the people. Based on my personal scars and experience, any improvement activity is...


Which is better, Lean or Six Sigma

By Paul Swift This is a question I get asked constantly by my clients, along with the other question – “So what’s the difference between#lean and Six Sigma?”. I figure, if so many people are asking these questions, then they obviously haven’t been answered fully in the past. Here is the quite con...


Why isn't Everybody doing Lean Six Sigma - It's a No Brainer, after all!

By Paul Swift This is the question many of my clients have asked me once they’ve seen the benefits of LSS and forget how difficult it was to simply get started. Getting on board with #lean Six Sigma is no easy task, but the initiative will soon deliver rewards to your business. Fostering its grow...


15 things Lean Six Sigma will bring to my Business

By Paul Swift Another favourite question that I was asked this week by an employee working in my client’s organization was the one above. He asked me for one thing, so I gave him 15 ! Optimizing opportunity is the name of the game with #lean six sigma. Moving faster and with quality in mind, lowe...


5 Steps to Getting Started on your Lean Six Sigma Journey

By Paul Swift   Much of the fear of #lean Six Sigma is simply shrouded in the ‘Not knowing’ how to get started and this is a question I’m often asked by prospective clients, “How do we go about the whole Lean Six Sigma Thing?” Here are some steps in the LSS process to consider for your business i...


The Seven Basic Tools of Quality

By Matt Moore   Introduction In 1950, the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) invited legendary #quality guru W. Edwards Deming to go to Japan and train hundreds of Japanese engineers, managers and scholars in statistical #process control. Deming also delivered a series of lectures ...


Delivering Better Results by Breaking Out of Organisational Silos

By Richard Yorke Senior Change professionals discuss the obstacles to innovation caused by having entrenched organisational silos. They talk of the challenges, lessons learned and best practice in advance of the i&i Customer Networking Meeting on the subject which took in London on 9th June 2011.


Using Stories to Influence Change

By David Howells Inspiring people to #change isn’t easy. It is generally accepted by experienced change operators that resistance to change is a part of the human condition. Traditional senior management thinking can be risk averse and many executive decision makers can also be constrained by pas...