Sahar Akhtar

Account Manager

Telephone Number:

+44 (0) 207 478 7734

Sahar joined Pacific in the Summer of 2018. Since his arrival he has been involved in several projects focused on the European and UK Market, specialising in the financial services sector, working on projects for some of the biggest management consultancy firms around the world and major financial institutions.

Having graduated with a Bachelors in 2017, Sahar secured his first graduate role a few days after handing in his dissertation. He has gained experience in the technology industry and is now undergoing a new challenge as a headhunter which he has quickly immersed himself in. When questioned on his motivation for such a career, Sahar linked this to wanting to work with some of the world's major brands, and wanting to genuinely make a difference to our candidate's lives.

In his spare time, Sahar is a massive Manchester United fan, so much he classes the 3 major Joys of life as Food, Family and Football. In addition to this he enjoys spending time with friends, Netflix and reading, in particular about leadership theory and complex issues in modern society.

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