Digital Innovation and the outlook for 2017 #iandishow

Monday, 19 December 2016

04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

The Improvement and Innovation Show - Digital Innovation & the outlook for 2017  

Over the past years, the idea that ‘Every business is a digital business’ has moved from aspiration to reality. With the ever-increasing pace of change and the maturation of technologies now disrupting industries as diverse as manufacturing, finance and transportation, how will these innovations impact the workplace, change the way we conduct business and impact growth and productivity?

Join us at 4pm GMT (11am EDT, 8am PDT, 5pm CET) where our host, David Howells and panellist David Bovis will be speaking to our guests, Victor Newman, former Head of Innovation Strategy & Economics at InnovateUK, and Marcus Fehling, Head of Innovation Strategy and Business Development for projects at Siemens AG's Corporate Technology arm, as we discuss the current and emerging trends in digital, nurturing innovation and strategies for deploying new technologies.

Broadcast over YouTube Live, the Improvement and Innovation Show is hosted by panellists David Howells and David Bovis. Every month the panel are joined by guests from businesses actively involved in the latest innovation and improvement programmes and projects.

Viewers can join the conversation by commenting on our chat stream on YouTube Live or on Twitter using #iandishow.  

Our Guests and Panel: 

Victor Newman

The Improvement and Innovation Show
Professor Victor Newman is the author of management and leadership books including "The Innovator's Got to Do It: Understanding the Art of Innovation Leadership" and has been featured in the WSJ and HBR. His roles have included Head of Innovation Strategy & Economics at InnovateUK and Chief Innovation Officer at the Milamber Group and his many years at the forefront of innovation strategy have seen him lead many successful initiatives in a range of industries including FS, Telecoms and Manufacturing. Victor is also                                                            Visiting Fellow and Professor to several universities. 

Marcus Fehling 

The Improvement and Innovation Show
Marcus Fehling is Head of Innovation Strategy and Business Development for projects within Siemens AG's Corporate Technology arm. With over 20-years experience in identifying new trends in technology and developing solutions and business models to harness the potential of digital, Marcus was project lead of an international study exploring the disruptive impact of digitisation on a number of industries, released in German in Autumn of 2016. 


David Howells

The Improvement and Innovation Show
David Howells is MD of Pacific, an international executive search firm operating out of London, New York and Sydney. With a background in economics and marketing, David specialises in managing search projects in the fields of Operational Management, Performance Improvement and Re-engineering, PMI, Restructuring and Turnaround.

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David Bovis 

The Improvement and Innovation Show
David Bovis is MD of Duxinaroe, a change management consultancy firm based in the UK. David has spent over 20 years leading change across Europe, developing world-class manufacturing, Lean and Six Sigma programs and studying psychology and neuroscience to deliver a deeper understanding of organisational culture and performance.  

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