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Don't be fooled by what people say

By Paul Swift Effectively managing stakeholders is one of the most skilled and difficult parts of any improvement project and this subject is absolutely massive and only covered in our Master Black Belt Course however, I think it is so important, I decided to pull out some of the key aspects, hin...


The New paradigm of Lean Six Sigma

By Paul Swift The new paradigm of #lean Six Sigma transcends more than just a production system – it is a new way of thinking about organising the improving operations. Traditionally one often associates Lean Six Sigma with a collection of tools and techniques on the factory floor. However, there...


Define the Problem before starting your Improvement Journey

By Paul Swift I recently came across a client who had been on an improvement journey for a while with some degree of success but with the potential to really make some monumental strides forward. When we discussed the journey so far, one thing became really obvious and I thought it was worth shar...


Three Essential Ingredients for any Change Project

By Paul Swift I met an old client of mine last week and they asked “Why can’t we just get going and make the changes we’ve identified?” My reply was a measured one, as this was a client who asked all of his staff to just do things NOW, without questioning the logic. This was knee jerk management ...


Building the foundation for a successful Lean Six Sigma Implementation

By Paul Swift A few months ago, a client asked me when they could start putting in place #lean Six Sigma in their organisation following the completion of a ‘Diagnostic’ activity. I told the Head of this organisation that they weren’t ready for Lean Six Sigma and his jaw almost hit the floor! I q...