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Emerging Trends & Maturing Methodologies at the BPE Conference, San Francisco

The Business Performance Excellence Summit 2016, hosted by the PEX Network and sponsored by Pacific, took place in San Francisco at the end of September 2016. Focused on building comprehensive, sustainable performance excellence programmes, with insight offered by senior professionals working in ...


Damian Albera promoted to Head of Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences - Americas

​ Following a two-year stint which has seen Damian work closely throughout our Manufacturing & Engineering space in conjunction with Adam Nuzie, we are pleased to announce that Damian Albera has been promoted to head up our Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences activities throughout the Americas. Havin...


Pacific opens its San Francisco Office

Pacific is pleased to announce the opening of our new offices in San Francisco. With our West Coast clients responsible for over 40% of Pacific’s 2015 revenue in the Americas, and our commitment to increasing our executive search and headhunting activities globally, San Francisco was the perfect ...


OpEx Harmony

From around the age of 8 to around the age of 15 I tried to master 1st position on the Violin. Apart from pulling off a few Irish jigs and simple classics I had to admit I wasn't very good at it. It was a frustration as I had such a passion for music and anything artistic ... painting, drawing, a...


Volunteering with America Scores NY

Staff at Pacific’s New York office donned their soccer shirts and headed out to Harlem for a morning of volunteering with America Scores Summer Camp on Thursday 21st July 2016. A national charity focussed on grass-roots activism, America Scores empowers the development of urban youngsters by enga...