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White Paper - Women in Leadership Series, Part 1

For our first entry in Pacific's Women in Leadership series, Sally Toister touches on her role in Operational Excellence in the hospitality industry, her favourite lean methodologies and the importance of walking the gemba, her leadership style and finally, gives her insights into being a woman i...


Pacific International News - Leading Change and Transformation Talent Acquisition in UK Pensions Administration Sector

Pacific have recently been working alongside two leaders in the market of business pensions administration, to successfully deliver on 10 individual talent acquisition projects in this area. The landscape for this area of work was focused on transformation in innovative business operations approa...


Pacific International News – Pacific Places Four Candidates at Leading Engineering Firm

Working in the Electrical Manufacturing and Industrial Automation industries and specialising in test and measurement equipment, our client required three Product Managers and one Product Marketing Manager to assist in the repositioning and revitalisation of the go-to-market (GTM) strategy at the...


What If All Your Staff Used Lean?

Imagine the productivity of work that could be achieved if everyone in your organisation at all levels had an awareness of Lean, what it means and how to implement it, from Managers to Assistants. I am the Global Marketing and Client Support Executive at Pacific and although my role is not direct...


Stress Awareness Month – How Walking the Gemba Can Reduce Workplace Stress.

April is Stress Awareness Month and Pacific are exploring the huge effect that stress can have on both companies and individuals and how Walking the Gemba can help to overcome this. The following statistics display its prevalence and subsequent effects: - In the US, 72% of employees who suffer fr...