About The i&i Community

Improvement and Innovation is an open community of specialists with a zeal for cultivating and refining cutting edge approaches to people, process and technology change management, strategic leadership and growth.  Our aim is to connect learners with sharers, enabling professional collaboration, peer-to-peer evaluation and knowledge exchange.

The i&i community encourages inventive problem solving and passionate exchange – where professionals and organisations engaged with improvement initiatives are able to share and debate their thinking, research and practice within an open collective of innovators.

Improvement and Innovation Online

i&i online will offer targeted and personalised content across an eclectic range of fields and industries, helping business leaders, continuous improvement and organisational change professionals expand their technical knowledge and market insight – all within one website.

i&i online will use the latest technology to encourage commentary, discussion, problem solving and debate – including interactive areas and secure private portals, allowing approved organisations and professionals to login to access exclusive features and best practice content.  

  • Curated, targeted industry news.
  • Thought leadership, opinion and best practice articles
  • White papers, Videos and Infographics: methodologies, tools, best practice, case studies, research analytics and new innovations.
  • A monthly, interactive and live webinar show. The i&i Show will cover the latest industry developments, with a regular panel and star guests.
  • Exclusive access to restricted content.
  • Specialist job boards and career reports, including salary and market maps. 

Benefits of i&i involvement:

i&i gives professionals and business unrivalled access to the proficiency, data, resources, research and talent they need to drive strategy and business improvement and innovation performance – both online and offline.

  • Acceleration of personal development through discourse with peers.
  • Competitive advantage through access to thought leadership on the latest management techniques, tools, change strategies, workforce capability development and focus on the customer through cross industry collaboration.
  • Access the latest data based research and studies.
  • Increased performance and learning from access to external stories of success and failure and collaborative problem solving.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships, online and offline.
  • Provision of shared value and support for employees through access to expertise, mentoring and additional resources.
  • Increased productivity and time savings as a result of locating the best, most cost effectively and timely solution, business, or expert with whom to collaborate.
  • Access to specialist job board, specialist jobs and career support.
  • Promote your personal and/or business brand and position yourself as an authoritative source through creating and sharing quality content with the i&i community.
  • Access to curated content, knowledge and specialist news, all in online resource.   

Industry Sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Engineering and Production
  • Energy and Renewables
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Technology
  • Automotive and Aerospace

Professional Fields:

  • People, Process and Technology Change Management
  • Operations and Technology Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Growth


The i&i community was founded upon the success of the project by Pacific International Recruitment Ltd and supported by a range of business partners. Established in 2003 as a knowledge resource, provided support for hundreds of organisations implementing improvement and innovation programmes globally. i&i is an opportunity to advance the identity and development of the business improvement profession itself and continue to raise the bar for personal and business excellence, improvement and innovation.