i&i Partners

Particular businesses and organisations who share i&i’s ethos of learning and sharing new and refined approaches to people, process and technology change management, strategic leadership and growth with their markets are invited to partner with i&i for mutual benefit.

A partnership with i&i does not involve any kind of monetary commitment. Instead it is based on the idea that if you share valuable insight and ideas with your business communities, the trust and respect garnered over the long term will generate natural interest in your services.

Partners gain access to the i&i community by sharing their ideas, knowledge and insight through the creation of original, branded content. In return for the provision of this content, partners are able to access the services of a professional i&i marketing team – including editorial, design, publication and distribution services – and have the opportunity to support particular initiatives, like our i&i show. In turn this provides exposure for your brand to the i&i community, and your wider target market.

Benefits include:

  • Distribution of branded content to our community via i&i email and social channels and networks.
    A dedicated profile on the website.
  • All content submitted by the partner will be branded.  
    Partners are given access to the i&i marketing team services, which include assistance in the creation of content and the provision of editorial, design, publication and distribution services in relation to their content – whether this be an article, white paper, video or infographic.
  • Access to leads and contacts through the provision of register to access content.  Registrations generated through content provided by a partner will have their details shared exclusively with that partner. This will be clearly stated on the website and partners must abide by all international data privacy laws.
  • Opportunities to provide exclusive, value add, business information via our email and social channels – providing that such information is not a sales pitch.
  • Opportunities to support and take part in i&i Show episodes.

Partner Terms and Conditions:

  • The i&i community, website and brand is owned by Pacific International Recruitment Ltd, who retain the right to terminate partnerships at any time.
  • Partners must share the ethos and purpose of the i&i community – that being to share cutting edge improvement and innovation practices and ideas with those who wish to learn.
  • Registrations generated through content provided by a partner will be exclusively shared with said partner.
  • Partners must abide by all international data privacy laws.
  • Partners should not partake in any direct marketing to i&i registrants, whether that be telemarketing or e-marketing unless they have given express consent when they registered. Spamming is illegal and would only damage the reputation and brands of not only the i&i community but all of our partners.