Industrial Director - Operational Excellence

Job Description

The Industrial Director for Operational Excellence will be part of the Corporate Industrial Management team, acting as a centre of expertise and driving the overall industrial strategy and standards across the business. You will drive the Operational Excellence manufacturing deployment globally (across 70 facilities) in close cooperation with the Industrial Board, the Transformation Program Office and the Business Process Owners community.


  • This position will lead the sustainable deployment of Operational Excellence and Lean tools, processes and policies across the Manufacturing Organization by defining global deployment targets and standards, delivering corporate level expertise and support to the Business Divisions and managing the overall operational excellence professional community qualification and continuous development.
  • As the leader of this Excellence programme within Group Industrial Operations, you will bear the overall responsibility of maintaining a sustainable deployment, collectively with the Group Industrial Board.


Manufacturing Strategic Planning

  • Facilitate the Operational Excellence strategic planning with the Industrial Board
  • Design collectively with the Group Industrial Board, the Operational Excellence strategy and mid-term deployment plan to support businesses and group strategic goals.
  • Identify the nature and level of corporate level expertise and implementation support needed by business divisions to reach their Operational Excellence goals.
  • Build and manages a yearly Operational Excellence strategic action plan at corporate level, translating these needs into projects and assistance delivered by the Operational Excellence Corporate team to business divisions and areas.


Manufacturing Deployment, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Chair and facilitate the Operational Excellence Network composed of Business Divisions Operational Excellence Managers for close follow up of deployment and actions plans.
  • Within the Global Operational Excellence Network, you will organize the exchange of best practices, and delivers internal and external benchmarks on Operational Excellence deployment and impact
  • Define the Operational Excellence maturity expectations and assessment methodologies, both at individual and site levels.
  • Organize with Business Division Operational Excellence managers the deployment of certification and maturity assessment processes and validates Operational Excellence individual’s proficiency and site’s maturity levels based on assessment results.
  • Collect and consolidate Business Division Operational Excellence programs and projects outcomes and KPIs to provide a consolidated view on the Operational Excellence initiatives’ impact on industrial performance.
  • Lead Operational Excellence benchmark between units, leverages projects and identify key success factors.


Manufacturing Human Capital and Organizational Development

  • Coach, develop and challenge the Operational Excellence Champion community so they drive continuously sustainable improvement.
  • Organize the design and delivery of the relevant training programs (Academy and professional forums) and ensures coordination with the region to deliver trainings locally.
  • Validate external recruitment short lists for BD level champions and provides, with your team, talent screening assistance for Operational Excellence positions across the organization
  • Manage the Operational Excellence talent pool, both full time champions and qualified practitioners, monitors the effectiveness of succession plans and proposes cross BD candidates
  • Organize group wide communications with Corporate Communications team to promote the methodology and successes across the organization


Expected results

  • Annual Operational Excellence CIM goal, according to CIM Strategic Planning objective : quantitative KPI follow up
  • Annual consolidation of BD Manufacturing Operational Excellence roadmaps and associated KPIs
  • Operational Excellence maturity level Improvement per year across Business Divisions
  • Impact to overall Industrial Operations improvement plan (quality, costs savings, customer service, flow, ...), as per CIM strategic plan
  • Continuously growing community of dedicated and qualified Operational Excellence champions, leaders and practitioners


Required skills and qualifications

  • Engineer or Management degree from international level school
  • Lean management advanced knowledge
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, Six Sigma practice being an advantage
  • Proven track record of successfully applying lean principles and leading change in an industrial environment across multiple business processes and at an international level
  • Capacity to adapt his/her level of communication to his/her audience. Excellent communication skills / Fluent English required (written, spoken)
  • Ability to work in a matrix organisation in a global environment
  • Ability to teach, coach and lead transformation
  • Cross cultural awareness

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