Project Manager - Lean Management System

Location: Greater Chicago
Posted: over 4 years ago
Contract Type: Permanent
Industry: Disciplines, Sectors, Operations and Technology Management, People, Process and Technology Change Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and Growth , Financial Services
Contact Name: Sheila Walsh
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Job Description

Client is best known for issuing brand credit cards, which are used by more than 25 million members. The company's cards, which include several levels of business and consumer accounts, repay cardholders a percentage of the purchase price each time they use their cards. The company also offers direct banking services, makes student and personal loans, and runs an ATM network system. 

The Project Manager will be responsible for managing the project work plan and execution of company’s Lean’s strategic initiatives and projects in specific business units of organization and drive impact through improvements in unit cost, quality, customer experience, risk and demand reduction/management. 

This role provides this individual a unique opportunity to tackle a wide range of fascinating and important Lean-related business challenges as well as problem solve with, and present to senior leaders across the company. To succeed, this person must demonstrate thought leadership and drive impact by developing actionable and measurable recommendations through Lean projects.

•  Ensure timely delivery of projects and results that meet or exceed agreed-upon metrics or goals of programs and projects
•  Mentor (Sr.) Associates on Lean Six Sigma skills as well as general project execution
•  Assist in driving change within the business units aligned to supporting project execution and toll-gating and helping them to learn, understand, adjust and grow with the business’s Lean Six Sigma transformation
•  Conduct in-depth analyses (when required), including data collection, data analyses, and synthesis of data to generate key insights for projects or Lean deployment strategies
•  Assist in developing presentations for senior management to facilitate discussions on project or program progress, results and assistance needed from them
•  Assist with generating insights based on tools including (but not limited to) customer interviews, desk research, discussions with Lean experts, focus groups, and surveys
•  Quantify impact of projects on financials, productivity, customer experience, quality and compliance
•  Promote a risk-aware culture; ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes 

•  Gather current-state data, conduct in-depth data/root-cause analyses, and generate current-state process maps and key insights for project sponsors. Articulate strong fact-driven recommendations for future-state processes
•  Assist generation of internal and external customer insights based on customer interviews, focus groups, and surveys since customer insights will be a key factor shaping solution development.
•  Mentor project team on Lean Six Sigma skills as well as general project management
•  Understand key metrics that measure business-unit performance, create scorecards, and monitor metric performance over time
•  Build relationships with all key constituents necessary to deliver project results on a timely basis
•  Identify and evaluate controls to sustain processes and their improvements for the long term. 

•  Reports to either a Lean Projects Manager or Senior Manager; may also be directed by Initiative team leaders (including Lean leaders, Business Unit subject-matter experts, or support-function leaders such as those from Business Technology)
•  Collaborates with team members to understand customer needs, map current states, drive root-cause-analysis, design future states, and deliver projects with sustainable results
•  Work with relevant business units implementing Lean initiatives
•  Collaborate with Lean team to listen to its membership concerns, get feedback on tested solutions, and deploy improvement initiatives or ideas



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