Regional Security Manager

Ellie LaFountain

Research Consultant - Americas

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Job Description

We are currently engaged with a global premier logistics and supply chain company. They are in search of a Regional Security Manager to lead and take responsibility for all aspects of site security in North America. 

The ideal candidate is an individual who can take initiative in bringing their security expertise into multiple high-risk facilities and continue to build onto the pre established frameworks. They will be responsible for minimizing the risk of theft of both customer and company product, designing and implementing an ongoing site audit program, and ensuring success of any new launches with no disruptions. This candidate will be tasked with working alongside individual site managers, operational VP’s, Health and Safety leaders and many more key stakeholders.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for all aspects of Site security in NA
    • Site security process
    • Uniformed guarding
    • Security equipment
    • Remote guarding
  • Ensure site security process covers both security of product, building, equipment and company property
  • Maintain ongoing and recorded Supplier Performance Reviews and KPIs with security providers
  • Support the Business Development Function
  • Full responsibility for coordinating company response to any theft or breach of security
  • Ensure all facilities pass accreditations 
  • Maintain relationships with regional law enforcement bodies to benefit from local crime intelligence

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